Most Colleges are Planning In-person Classes for Fall of 2020

College Towns have good cause to be optimistic.  

This article from the Morning Brew notes that right now 64% of colleges are planning to re-open in-person this fall.  That's great news for university towns like State College.  As the number one employer and the economic driver of our region, we need Penn State.  Students need Penn State and our future needs those well-educated future graduates of Penn State!  How to do this safely is the question.  I don't have the answer, yet I know brilliant minds are working toward a resolution and that gives me great hope. 

If you're wondering what the plans are for most colleges, check this list from The Chronicle of Higher Education: College Plans for Fall of 2020. 

Read more here in from the Morning Brew: More than Six in Ten Colleges Plan to Open with In-person Classes in the Fall of 2020.

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